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In 2021, we conducted Positioning Reports in ten markets and two states (211 cultural attractions) and generated a National Summary Report which segments results by market and attraction type.

You can download a copy here.

Some of the more interesting findings include:

  • Denver and Phoenix had the most cultural engaged populations
  • Cultural attractions in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Denver had the highest average Google rating
  • Boston was the only market in which cultural attractions served a higher percentage of low-income households than represented in the market
  • Botanical gardens had the highest average Google rating (aquariums had the lowest)
  • 72% of attendance was from the local market (57% among aquariums)

The Profile Report provides important information about your visitor origin, demographic and market segmentation profiles, market capture, and visit frequency.  This information can be used to identify opportunities for growth, differences between exhibitions, seasons, or years, and/or reporting for oversight or grant-writing agencies. 

The Positioning Report provides you with greater context, insights, and comparative analytics about both your organization and overall market. It includes critical information about marketing presence, visitor satisfaction, and admission and membership pricing. 

The Positioning Report also includes customized analysis and recommendations regarding attendance opportunities, marketing presence, visitor satisfaction, and admission and membership pricing strategies. The Positioning Report also includes the Benchmark Report, which identifies how your cultural attraction compares to other organizations in your market across the nation.


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