Industry Reports

Context can change everything.

Morey Group produces industry reports that provide valuable context for any cultural attraction.
  • Attendance Trend Reports provide customized analysis and benchmarking of admission and membership pricing and attendance based on institution type, city population, and peer group for any museum, aquarium, zoo, botanical garden, science museum, children's museum in the U.S. with annual attendance above 50,000. 
  • The Cultural Attraction Attendance Trend Report is the leading industry report used to track attendance, membership, and admission pricing trends over the last 12 years. 
  • The Pricing Report can be used to better understand pricing trends and the impact of pricing strategies, provide comparative and contextual data, and to design more effective admission and membership pricing policies.
  • Metro Market Reports identify resident and tourist characteristics by specific metropolitan areas, including information sources used and factors they consider prior to visiting a cultural attraction.